Bauhaus in Israel


It stands to wonder, but somehow in architectural history classes (at least in my day some 28 years ago) never mention the fact that Tel Aviv has the worlds best collection/experiments of Bauhaus architecture in the world. They are all in one city, and quite often within walking distance from one another. Though UNESCO has decalred them a world monumentnt, heses architectural gems are often in disrepair, badly transformed, and in some cases destroyed to make way for…. newer better buildings? Escapes me!

During my former life as Andrée Putman’s partner, I had the chance to travel to Israel and Tel Aviv no less than 80 times, while we renovated another famous, but non-Bauhaus, structure called the Pagoda House (a photo of it is featurerd in the photo section of reference site). During these visits, though preoccupied with the design/renovation for the Pagoda, I had the chance to see many of the buildings featured.

One building which is not featured is the Erich Mendelsohn designed and built President’s house, the Villa Weizmann, at The Weizmann Institute of Science, also known as Machon Weizmann a university and research institute in Rehovot, Israel.

I had the great pleasure of visiting this simple and modest structure. When I was there it was in need of a little restoration and interior design work. Let’s hope that someone had the same feeling and was able to raise the necessary funds.

In any event have a look at the site and make the trip to Tel Aviv in December!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my post on the same subject.
    You know the subject well, obviously. Yes, many of the buildings are in bad shape.
    And the Pagoda is a great building.

  2. Oh, and what does an expert like you think about the fcat that Bauhaus in Israel was only architecture, and not the diversity of arts that flourished in the German Bauhaus ?

  3. Well it’not surprising really. The Bauhaus in Germany was the laboratory, the think tank.
    When things get taken to the field, people often times take the essentials with them. Ersatz Israel was in need of building a community and housing it’s members. It was a question of survival, first things first if you will.

  4. Here is some more info on Bauahus in Tel Aviv: and some info on wikipedia:


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